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S/Y B'n'G is a beautiful and well-maintained Hallberg-Rassy 53 built in 1996 and refit in 2015

S/Y B'n'G

S/V Uhuru is a CT 41 ketch built in the 1970s and refit in 2016.

S/V Uhuru

S/Y Eros is a wooden classic 115' staysail schooner with wood masts and a teak deck. The rigging is classic, as well, with few modern devices. She was originally built in 1939 and has a colorful history.

S/Y Eros - photo by Tim Wright

S/V Wyoming Wind is a 49' Hylas cutter built in 2003.

S/V Wyoming Wind

S/V Respite is a 60' Nautical Technologies ketch built in 1984 and completely refit in 2015.

S/V Respite

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